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 Create your very own personalised teddy bear by using any text, photo or artwork drawing. The Dress My Bear personalised teddy bear makes a great school fundraising idea. Children create that special artwork capturing their thoughts and creative ideas and we put those drawings on a white t-shirt and dress the bear. You can create your personalised teddy bear as a photo bear or as a message bear choosing to have text only across the t-shirt. The options are limited by your imagination alone.

Teddy bears have a special place in the hearts of many children, be it girls or boys, young or old, teddy bears have helped with a good night sleep, made children feel safe and have even taken the role of best friend. Special teddy bears are almost never thrown out and always become a keepsake, being passed on through the generation.


School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising

School Fundraisers

If you are tired of all the same old school fundraising ideas why don’t you contact us about organising a dress my bear school fundraiser.

Good school fundraising ideas are getting harder to come by, so we decided to create a fundraiser which will easily raise funds for schools or organisations and at the same time leave you with a product which can be treasured for years to come.

School fundraising has never been easier, choose to order your special Dress My Bear teddy with or without a graduation hat and scroll. Our personalised graduation bear makes for a great graduation gift from pre-school, secondary school or even university. Collect one for each year to create a family of memories.

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PreSchool Graduation Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a preschool graduation gift or a kindergarten graduation gift? Our cute graduation teddy bears, with your child’s artwork, will create a personalised keepsake which you and your family will treasure for years to come. Enquire today about our bulk price rate or how we can help you raise funds for your kindergarten or preschool.

preschool graduation gifts


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