Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas

Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas


Are you a parent or teacher looking for great fundraising ideas for your school? Whether you need to raise money for new sports equipment, or to upgrade school facilities, these top 10 school fundraising ideas are sure to get those dollars rolling in for your school… 

1. Artwork teddy bears

Dress My Bear is an innovative new way to raise money for your school. Get the children involved by having them create artwork that will be transferred to the t-shirt of a teddy bear. School logos or photo’s are another great choice of print. Whilst this fundraiser is a little higher in cost, it guarantees you will be left with a quality keepsake, which can be kept in the family for years to come. If you wan to more information check the school fundraising information page.

2. Cake stall

Another great school fundraising idea is to hold a cake stall. This is a good way to get teachers, parents and students involved. All you need to do is choose a date for the cake stall and advertise around a month in advance, encouraging cake donations to sell on the day.

3. Reading challenge

Reading challenges can be a very good form of school fundraising and they also encourage reading among children, which is an added side benefit. It’s best to work with your school library or local public library to create a booklist for students. Each student can then seek sponsorship, with a donation being paid for each book read from the list.

4. Walkathon

If you’re looking for a school fundraising idea that will raise money and encourage physical activity, then a walkathon is a great choice. Students, teachers and families can then get behind the fundraiser and sponsor each other for each lap of the walkathon course. School ovals are a great venue for walkathons, but you might also like to involve the wider community by setting up a course out in the community.

5. Art and craft stall or exhibition[

Selling art and craft is a perfect way to generate funds. Students can paint, make or create a range of art and craft items in class and sell them as part of an organised stall. Stalls work well before big events such as Mother’s Day, Easter or the Christmas holidays. As an alternative, you could arrange a student art exhibition with proceeds going towards the school.

6. School concert

School concerts are a wonderful way to showcase the talents of gifted students. Concerts can be held at any time during the year and they can include music, dance or drama. Parents and families will be happy to pay a small donation to see their loved ones performing on the day, making it a great school fundraising idea.

7. Pie drive

Partner up with your local baker and give students and teachers order forms to collect orders by the dozen for some delicious Australian meat pies. This is a very effective school fundraising idea, especially in Winter.

8. Guess the jellybeans in the jar

Buying a large jar and filling it with jelly beans is one of the easiest ways to fundraise for your school. Simply put the jar in the front office and advertise to parents, students, teachers and even the wider community to come in and guess the number of jelly beans in the jar. You can charge 50 cents per guess or even $1. The winner wins the jar of jelly beans and any profits go to the school!

9. Quiz night

Holding a quiz night is a fun way to raise money for your school. Each team pays a fee to participate. All you need are some motivated parents or teachers to organise the event and to create the quiz questions. Also arrange some donations from local businesses for prizes and an experienced public speaker to host the night.

10. School recipe book

Collating a school recipe book is a unique school fundraising idea that can be effective all year round. Ask parents and teachers to send in their favourite family recipes and they can then be typed and printed professionally in a recipe book format. Online printers offer very affordable rates for book printing, making school recipe books a profitable school fundraising idea.

All the best with your fundraising ventures. Let us know if you have any other great school fundraising ideas to add to the list!